If you are a blogger and take your competition seriously, this is the right place for you. We understand how important it gets in the blogging world to know how your competitor is doing.

Sometimes you don’t necessarily spy on them but just want some general information regarding the website you have your eyes on.

This may be because you want to use the website for your own promotions, link it with yours to directly drive traffic to your website or for some other reason.

In the end, you just want to know how that particular website is doing out there.

However, this is counted as an unfair means and might not be an ideal method. Instead of using metric methods that evaluate the number of visitors on your post or some other source, you should trust your readership only.

If a site happens to have a huge number of visitors but the readership is poor, the site serves no purpose whatsoever.

There are some methods that you could use to get information regarding other website’s performance and get a quick estimate of the readership the website has online.


A brief research online about the website can give you a good idea about the business it holds and how much traffic it gets on a regular basis.

If you evaluate by keeping yourself on the audience’s place, you might be able to judge better. You could easily make a judgment by looking at the content and the details the blogger uses on the website.

You could also have a look at the comments and the reviews posted on the blog to get some idea of what the audience thinks about the posts and how well are they taking it.

Also, count the number of comments there are and how many spam comments can you find out of them.

If you happen to find spam comments, the website may not be performing that good in the market.

Evaluate how much detailed the comments are. If you find detailed comments, the readers might be taking the posts seriously and would love the content.

Analyze the social media reviews:

To get a good amount of traffic to their posts, bloggers often share their article with different social media platforms and get more and more sharing to spread the word.

To analyze the reviews from the audience, you could easily look at the number of shares, likes, and comments on the post.

There are certain applications present online that would help you get an overview of the social media marketing and how the website is doing with the audience on all the platforms.

Take help from Twitter:

Twitter is a very important social media platform and is popular among all the generations and is used by a very active audience to share their thoughts, gossip or some news.

If you use other tools for evaluation, they might help you only in some topics and niche and wouldn’t be such a help after all.

However, Twitter is one platform that is used for every niche or topic and can be a good help to evaluate a certain website whenever you want.

If some people happen to like a website’s content and find it informative, they might share it on other platforms and get more and more traffic.

Content shared on Twitter can easily be found out and can also be tweeted again by some other person.

The number of tweets a person gets decides how famous the content was and how well the website must be doing out there.

Go for the feed count:

If you still want to evaluate further, you can go for the feed count which is a type of evaluation which cannot be used alone. But it can be the last step to confirm your observation.

Feed count includes the number of subscribers the website or blog has and how many visits it gets in a regular interval.

There are some tools available online that can be used to check so and help you with the final website evaluation.

Try to use these tips for post evaluation and get believable results without much struggle.

Use the information you obtain to a good use and help yourself build a great blog.

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