Blogging is an art. One needs to be aware of their environment and based on that design something which people are fascinated by.

The idea of creation in itself is a magical one but doing it on a daily basis is nothing short of spectacular.

Although, there are a few mistakes that need to be avoided for an effective blogging career.

Things to be avoided

Following are the Important Things To Avoid As a Blogger For Your Blog –

  • Restricting oneself to their own liking

A thing to remember for a new blogger is that they are not their blog’s reader. If you are writing ideas that only cater to your liking, you could be making a huge mistake of restricting your blog to your own headspace.

You should be aiming for a bigger crowd and for that, you need to think about the material that will help your blog which in turn will help you.

  • Methodical writing

The new bloggers always make a mistake of equating the writing for blogs to any other professional forms of writing.

You need to understand that a blog is successful only if it is able to intrigue the readers and therefore, the writing needs to be subtle and casual rather than following a norm that will take away the entertainment factor out of it.

Try to be as imaginative as possible.

  • You are not a writer

Nobody on the internet has the slightest of interest about your life if you are not famous. Try and get a brand for yourself by giving out answers than being a writer weaving stories.

You should help them achieve what they are looking for and in return, you will receive a future audience that will be keen to know about your life.

  • Deviate

You are always asked to display your personality through your blogs.

However, too much of it is bound to be one of the things that every new blogger must avoid because people completely digress from the topic and start talking about themselves.

You have to understand that you are not having a face to face conversation and the slightest of digression will propel the reader to stop reading.

  • Jack of all trades

A new blogger always makes the mistake of writing about topics that have a vast scope or cover a lot of aspects. They even try to make their content a varied one and this is what fails them.

You need to play safe initially and any topic that is too broad or subjected to arguments need to be avoided as there is a high chance you might miss out on the intricacies decreasing the effectiveness of the content.

Start with a very particular purpose and choose topics that revolve around it as the first step should be to build a target audience.

  • Avoid stream of consciousness

A number of times people get ideas and start to write them down without giving it a proper organization.

They need to be aware of the nature of the readers online and how they prefer to scan over reading which is why the organization of the content is extremely important for the reader to persist with the blog.

  • Using statistics

Statistics might have been an unwanted addition to your education but it is extremely crucial that you support your blog topics with proper statistics and data to make it more readable.

This is helpful when you are taking a stand in an argument as it is bound to convince more and more readers while simultaneously giving your blog a clarity.

  • Copying content

Continuing on the idea of schooling, plagiarism has been an activity that was highly condemnable and therefore, needs to be avoided on any platform.

The readers are smart enough to differentiate the copied content from the original.

This will not only hamper your image as a blogger but you could be liable to a penalty that could completely take your blogging company downhill.


Blogging is a serious profession to be in.

Newbies are extremely interested in making a career out of it but they should be well versed with the things that every new blogger must avoid for a blissful life as a blogger.

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