A good blogging platform is a need for every blogger, be it an amateur or an already established one. There are many platforms that are offered online and can be a good start for a blogger.

As a blogger, if you want your posts and upload to give you an edge online, you need to include some attractive points that would work for you in the eye of the audience.

You have to make the traffic come up to your post and read it with a good amount of concentration.

This would require a medium that can not only make your work easier and help you blog better, but also makes your work attractive and catchy.

Open Live Writer

Open Live Writer is exactly what you need right now if you want to become a successful blogger. The open live writer is the medium which gives your articles the path to the online world.

It is a lightweight blog editor which allows you to produce posts, add photos, videos etc. The software also allows you to work on your post offline and upload it later when you get back online.

The best part is that it allows you to do all of this without charging a single penny. OLW will work even better for you if you use WordPress.

Tagging in your posts from your desktop would become a lot easier and you could easily cut crop, or edit the photos and videos you want to add to post.

Reasons why you should choose Open Live Writer over other blogging editors

You are already aware of the benefits that you will have upon using OLW, but what are the other benefits that you should know about that will help you choose it over the other competitors.

  • Keeps your work safe:

When you are blogging online, there are many chances of your data getting lost because of a power cut or bad internet connectivity.

This would leave you with no choice but to start from the scratch and type down the entire article again. But this doesn’t happen with Open Live Writer.

Here, you can leave the article at any point and your data would be kept safe and will automatically be saved. This doesn’t happen with other blogging editors.

  • Provisions to customize better:

Since blogging is about what you present and how you present, the need for customizations comes as an obvious point.

OLW helps you make changes to your Blog and beautify it however way you want to. You can add photos and videos and customize them as well.

You can choose your font, make tables, etc. You don’t get that many options to customize if you use any other blogging editor.

  • Swift Photo insertion:

When you add pictures to your blog, you generally take a long while because you need to put all the images one by one if you use any usual blogging platform.

However, when you use Open Live Writer, you can put more than one image in the write-up and wrap up your work faster than it could have taken.

  • Work offline:

What most blogging editors do not allow is the luxury to work even when you are not online.

If you happen to have no internet connection for some reason and still want to jot down a great blog idea you just got, you can start working on it immediately without the need of an internet connection.

This helps you to save a lot of time which comes as a great advantage for you over the other editors.

  • Powerful spell checker:

Although many blog editors give you a spell check for your blog, they are not really that powerful and are likely to make mistakes in the process.

But Open Live Writer uses a very powerful spell checker that leaves very fewer chances of making any mistake.

  • Can use more than one account:

Unlike other editors, OLW allows you to keep more than account, which you can switch whenever you feel like.

Bottom line:

When it comes to blog editing, Open Live Writer has no comparison. With its powerful editing tools, one can ace at blogging without much struggle.

Get OLW to get an even better blogging experience and improve your blogs big time.

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