Blogging can be quite a long journey with some memorable moments and learning that would stay with you for your entire life.

If you are about to start your very own blog, you are going to do so many new things and experience so many different things that you may not have imagined as yet.

Since this is going to be some remarkable journey, why not start off with a great and useful note.

As you know, your first step is the most important one; here are a few tips for the beginners that can help them a strong foundation to help them in the future days.

To start off with anything, you need to have full-fledged information about it along with all the pros and cons and some real-life examples to prove the point.

If you have decided to start writing blogs, you need to have an in-depth research about the niche you are going to choose before you buy any domain.

The best way to come up with the target for your blog is to think about the people the article would point to.

This way you will recognize where your interest lies and you would be able to make a decision according to that.

Once you are on it, you can start looking for articles and posts that belong to that same niche as yours so that you can get an idea about what the audience seeks and how to provide them with it.

You should also start to read about the niche and the articles related to it so that you have a good amount of knowledge about it before you start off.

  • Start to make connections on your very first day:

This is something that you don’t get to learn every day. In the world of blogging, big connections play a huge role to get you the right amount of traffic and promote your website as much as possible.

Making important connections in your initial can prove very beneficial in the long run.

The already successful bloggers can endorse you and put you out in the market in the correct way and attract a lot of traffic just for you.

You can find them by looking at search results that you get by using certain keywords related to your niche and the next step would be introducing yourself and the blog to them and make friends with them.

  • Include connections in your post:

If you have pulled off the connections correctly, you can mention them in one of the finest content in your blog and inform them about it.

This is going to make your friendship public from both sides and you can enjoy much more attention and traffic as compared to the earlier situation.

To inform them about the mention, you can either mail or tweet them and you can ask them for sharing it.

  • Buy some cheap ads:

If you are writing blogs to make money, which is the most common reason for people to get into blogging, you would need to enter into marketing so that you earn good profits.

Even though it would be just the beginning of your blogging days, you can try your hand in marketing in the initial days itself.

To show that your blog is ready for advertisements and public participation, you can buy the cheapest and which could cost just ten dollars and give ad agencies a green signal from your blog.

  • Try to get featured on other blogs:

You don’t have to waste all your good content on other blogs and save nothing for your own. But writing at least one in two-three weeks in other blogs will help you promote your brand you as a writer.

The idea is to just appear on other blogs and show off your interesting pieces of work so that the traffic is driven towards you without much struggle.

This will happen once you have started making contacts right from the initial days.

If you enter with a strong bang, it would last long in the blogging world.


The strategies mentioned above worked out pretty well for many famous bloggers but how you make the most out of your initial situation is the key to a successful career in blogging.

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