“Blogging” is a term which is tossed around in almost every business opportunity that arises.

While some definitely struggle to tell what it really is, a lot have already taken up this as a profession or a means to earn a livelihood.

In this era of growing technological influence, at least just knowing what Blogging is should suffice, especially for the people who aren’t directly related to it or its benefits.

But if you’re actually wanting to earn some money, either as a full-time or part-time professional or as a freelance content or blog writer, you really need to know a thing or two about Blogging in general.

What is Blogging

It is an online journal which is also known as a weblog. It is a place where people share their own experience, opinion, and different stories about themselves.

The primary motive of blogging is to share Ideas and generate money through it. The money is raised by placing the advertisements on the site.

It is useful if you have excellent traffic on your site otherwise it is not a good idea of putting ads without attracting any audience as it just increases the overall cost of maintaining the entire blog’s server.

Why people start Blogging

  • Opportunity for people to represent their thoughts in the form of words
  • Platform to share experiences
  • Wide-reach allows for more online-friends
  • A great way to create and attract money

Types of Blogging

  • Personal blogs

In this type of blog, people started sharing their life experiences about opinions, feelings. There were no significant rules introduced for individual bloggers.

Personal bloggers don’t have any restrictions on creating their website and sharing their viewpoints on specific topics. Many of the people made blogging as their hobby.

To grow your blog start connecting with the other blogger and connect with them with the help social media.

  • Business blogs

This type of blog is specifically designed for business people. People in business gain exposure and try to get people aware of their website for the growth and expansion of the company.

These blogs are more concerned with business ideas that are needed for the business.

It helps to gather customers for the business product and has a broad reach around the globe.

  • Professional blogs

These are the bloggers who make money online by placing various types of ads and promoting the products for the other people and charges commission according to the traffic on the site and the views on the advertisement.

Professional blogger may interest in more than one place so they can earn more money.

For raising the fund, they need to attract a large number of people towards their site and increase site traffic.

  • Niche blogs

This type of blogs depends on small topics that may be related to food, health, travel, exploring.

People find different strength and weakness of their argument.

These people try and aspire success, happiness, security.

  • Media blogs

It is a blog where people provide information to the user/viewers through photos, videos, art, and sketches.

Many of the young people have a habit of gaming, so they record videos based on a particular game.

This type of blogs has more chances of getting viral as it has something that youth looks and search for.


  • Easy job
  • Work from home
  • Share ideas
  • Handsomely paid
  • Flexible working hours


  • Laziness reduces efficiency
  • Time-consuming
  • Stressing
  • Tiring
  • Creativity problems

Final verdict:

To be very honest, Blogging is a great way a person can share his/her experiences while simultaneously also being the part of the platform which allows experts and professionals to teach or impart knowledge and, of course, gets paid.

It increases your reach towards people and lets you attract them toward your goods and services provided by you.

And last but not the least if you can get some amount of traffic on your website (primarily views) then you can earn a considerable amount of money by your services or by placing some small adds in between the videos.

While money isn’t the only selling point, the other benefits also do offer a decent proclamation.

Blogging essentially means curating and imparting information or knowledge about a particular subject, event, person, sport, profession, etc.

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