When you are planning to take advance steps towards making your blogging passion, a profession, there are various overwhelming things that can take place.

You may either get stuck with selecting the niche, whether to talk about pros or cons, whether add facts or talk generic, whether undergo factual research or not, these are some questions that jump up within your head.

However, problems related to writing style, editing the content, comparing and managing pictures, promoting and other similar issues are much critical on wider aspects.

So, if you are an amateur and planning to begin with your blogging journey, then you will definitely face these problems.

So, to let you understand a bloggers life much better, to help you in finding out the right topics, facts, and information, and to give you pretty much of encouragement and desired motivation, here are some important tips that you must keep in mind before writing your own piece and publishing it.

To write about anything, plan, conceptualize or even imagine writing on a specific niche, you need to have an interest in that.

Passion is the only thing that drives you towards doing something that you love. So, find a proper niche after a great research and then write everything in, out and around it.

And of course, be specific! A niche is a wider term, so if you are selecting fitness, you have to make sure that you don’t generalize it, but you write about any certain topic like keto diet, intermittent fasting or anything else.

Make a spreadsheet where you can include all the relative topics of that niche. Set your timelines and start working on every topic each day.

  • Read other professional accomplished bloggers

As you are beginning to write, you might surely have your ideal blogger. Make sure that you go through his/her content regularly.

What technological trends are they adapting, how they are engaging their readers, how as per the time their writing style is transforming and how the people are responding to the same!

These are certain ways through which you can get on top with your beginner blogging career. Also, it’s not just about blogs, make a habit of reading.

You can go through various news pieces, articles and other things that take place all around the globe.

This will help you not only to add much value to your content, relate it with prevailing issues but will make it much factual, readable and knowledgeable for the readers.

  • Create your own artificial foundations

Plan to set a fixed time for everything. Whether it’s finding the topic, images, facts or start writing, ending up the work, editing, adding pictures or publishing, each of the tasks must be time bound.

This is because, unless you start working on punctuality basis, you will keep on procrastinating and fall into a dump. So it’s better to set time frame.

For instance, take 30 minutes to write, keep it for 550 words, structure how to start and end your write-up. These things might bother you initially, but the best creativity flows only when you are bound.

  • Stay focused and experiment with your work

Mostly; people undertake to blog as a tool for turning their past times productive.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can play loud music on, have your television right in front of you with a bucket of popcorn, and then you start writing!

This is extremely disturbing and you can never bring out the desired value out of your content. Another thing to keep away from is your mobile phone, messages, calls and everything in between.

Just shut these things off and then concentrate on what you are writing. Give it full attention, experiment with your writing style and check whether things fit well or not!


So, these were just a few of the tips, that you can include in your writing schedule or rule book and begin your task.

However, there are no fixed parameters on how to write and what to write. You can always be specific, choosey but make sure to put up relevant points.

People will never love to read something, which sounds similar to what they have read last week.

Even if you are choosing the same topic, try to bring out the new twist, turns and different aspects of the same in front of the readers.

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