Bloggers generally make the use of various tricks and tactics to make their work survive in a long run.

However, today as technological advancements are on the peak, there are no certain specified measures upon which blogging run.

You have to make your work compatible with every gadget and device which is being used by the masses.

To make things pretty much easier on the go, various applications are now being developed for both Android and iPhones to assist the bloggers in creating, curating, generating and publishing their content right with their mobile phones.

So, are you also looking up for the best application to install upon your iPhone?

If yes, then this article will suitably help you to key acquainted with top blogging apps which helps you in getting the work done right within minutes.

Already renowned as the biggest free blogging tool, WordPress has got its compatible apps that run efficiently well on your iOS devices.

It comes with beautifully designed templates that let you manage your write-ups, ideas, themes, and other important data easily.

You can have your personal WordPress hosted a website which will contain the blogs belonging to a specific The best part of this app is that you can always blog when you have time, save the post as a draft, later make the relative changes and then publish it as you want.

You can even add up photos, get all important push notifications and manage all the comments that you wish to.

  • Snapseed

One of the most amazing features that iPhone is highly renowned for, is its ability to take incredible pictures through it high-resolution So, while blogging is something totally incomplete without visual pieces, pictures play a key role in blogging.

While you get to blog your content with various online applications, there is a dire need for a great photo editing app as well.

Introduced by Google, Snapseed is an extremely advanced platform that assists you in editing photos upon your mobile phone.

And the app is not just for iPhone but is for androids too. It lets you enjoy various features like edit history, healing brush, filters, light balance, colors and much more.

  • Ulysses

If you want to experience incredible writing upon your iPhone, then try out this application.

Although it is paid, it is one of the most credible and secured apps, giving the bloggers a perfect level of freedom to express themselves!

It actually lets you get out of the random way and explore a very unique way of dealing with content even on such a smaller screen.

This writing app combines and works with medium and WordPress. You can also open and share all the files with the help of Google Drive, Dropbox, Notes and many more.

The text editing here comprises of markdown syntax that allows you to write the content freely and move around the screen without tapping continuously on smaller buttons so as to add up links or other add-ons.

  • Hootsuite

On one side where all the default social media platforms work certainly fine for a lot of users, there are chances that being a blogger, you may miss out on the great online marketing and promotional tactics.

This app is a fine creation that helps you after the creation of the blog content.

As writing in itself is not a great task to do, you have to focus much harder on the promotional task and make the content reach masses.

Hootsuite lets you get some fun-filled features like social media monitoring, scheduling, unified dashboard, analytics, collaboration and a lot more.

Thus, the app is definitely one of the best platforms which offer you such great features within a simple app.


Thus, blogging in every way is something that requires proper precision, understanding, knowledge, interest and above that a great passion.

However, to keep up with technology, you always have to be in touch with what’s coming up the latest.

You may not always get ample space to carry your laptop everywhere.

But, when you have your mobile phone right in your pocket, what are you waiting for?

Get any of these applications installed instantly on your iPhone and keep in touch with your beloved readers and commentators on the go!

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