Anyone who has been in the world of blogging for quite some time now would have definitely understood that in order to increase reader traffic towards your blog, one needs to resort to various tricks and tools.

Such ideas ensure a steady flow of traffic into your blog. One such popularly known tool is the Search Engine Optimization, abbreviated as SEO.

There are plenty of free and paid software out there on the net that promise to help you increase your SEO. SEO basically helps your blog post occur at the top search lists whenever a topic related to what you have written is being searched through the search engine.

But then, have you ever thought of any other effective tool?

Well, there are plenty of them, but there is a catch; it all depends purely on your ability to write a well-structured, engaging blog.

Choosing quality over quantity

Yes, you can slowly, steadily but surely increase your blog readership and in the long run, maintain a good traffic into the blog.

When we say this is a better idea when compared to using SEO tools, we certainly don’t expect you to blindly believe what we are saying!

Take a look at these reasons based on which we have come to this conjecture.

  • One of the major and most obvious distinctions you can make is that SEO only gives you a temporary readership. People just click on your post, read it for the information you have and probably forget about the website. The readers’ complete attention here is on the content of your blog in general and not on the website it is posted on. Even if it is quite impressive, it is just an exercise of exclusive reading. But when you concentrate on building a steady dedicated group of readers who understand and appreciate the literary artiste in you, the only things you need to be careful of further is to maintain the reputation you have made for yourself.
  • Ask yourself, is just getting good traffic enough without any appreciation of the talent you have? If you are one of the many that started a blog to nurture the literary abilities you have, then a mindless traffic won’t give you the satisfaction it should. Here is where you will really love a group of individuals who subscribe to your blog.

Well, we are sure that you’ve caught on the difference between having a good readership and increasing your SEO. Indeed, it’s a choice between quality readership and quantity readership.

Tidbits on increasing readership

As mentioned earlier, it’s a matter of sheer effort and dedication towards your blog that will give you a loyal readership.

Yet, one needs to remember that it is important to work smart than work hard.

You need strategically build upon your content in order to be successful in the field. Look at the internet and understand what people want at the moment.

What keywords are hot in the trend?

Make creative, attention-seeking headlines using such keywords. Also, try scattering the words across your article. Write articles that are here to stay in the trend for a long time, not something that is narrow and in-the-moment.

Another thing you need to keep in mind here is to advertise wisely. Target sites that have the kind of readers you write the article.

Is the article nerdy?

Full of facts and information?

Then find out sites which are frequented by the nerds! Look for the direction the flock is headed towards and aim your blog in the same direction.

All said and done, there is a vast world out there which is built upon the internet. People turn to Google for every single thing these days.

This is advantageous on your part as you have a wide range of topics to choose from to write an article on. But remember, it is never advisable to write an article that seems confused in itself.

Have a fixed arena to write on and stick to it. As the Roman poet Horace laid down, the poet needs to know what he is writing and it should be well within his reach and artistic ability.

That is what makes a work of poetry excellent. Well, doesn’t it fit well into any form of literary expression?

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