Working from home is a revolutionary step in the way businesses operates nowadays.

This is not a recent trend.

This concept has been tried out by many employers and employees, many are undecided while still others are eager to explore this option.

This concept involves two parties – the employer and the employee. There are pros and cons associated with the implementation of this concept.

Let us consider the benefits involved in working from home for both the parties involved.

Benefits for the Employee

  • You do not necessarily have to stick to the 9 to 5 schedule in case you work independently or are from the information technology sector. You have the option to choose your work hours, in other words, a flexible work schedule. You can decide your break times, the way you want to work.
  • If you are from the information technology sector and your work demands attention to detail and long hours of concentration, you can minimize the distractions, which otherwise are plenty in an office environment and focus on effectively using work hours.
  • You have the freedom to choose your office space – nothing formal about it. It can be either any corner of your house or any swanky cafe you prefer; provided you have with you a laptop with long battery life, good phone, and internet connectivity.
  • You can to a great extent do away with hassles involved in commuting to work and save on time which can be put to good use.
  • You can save quite some money as you cut off the cost of commuting. You don’t have to invest too much informal office wear as you can wear anything comfortable.  Spending on outside food could also get curtailed if you could cook up your own meal.
  • Work pressure cannot be totally ruled out even if you work from home but it definitely is lesser compared to that in office premises
  • Your stress levels will see a drop and efficiency levels will increase, making it an enjoyable work life for you.
  • In the present scenario where the lines between work and life are blurred, working from home can help improve your work life balance to some extent. You can cultivate healthier eating habits and can devote more time to the family. You can be happier due to this healthy work-life
  • You can choose whom you wish to see or meet among your colleagues. You no longer have to suffer in the highly competitive and stressful environment created due to rivalry among peers at the office.
  • You will become more independent as you are on your own. You will proactively learn more skills to increase your work efficiency. You will realize the importance of time management.
  • You can attend meetings, sitting comfortably in your home without wasting time, putting technology to good use like video calls and making use of its chat function to add in comments etc. You learn to value others time as well and will strive to make remote discussions and meetings more productive.

Benefits for the Employer

  • You will have reduced absenteeism issues as the employee is working from home in a happy environment. Sick leave issues are lesser in the absence of commuting hassles, stressful work life, and unhealthy eating habits.
  • You can expect improvement in employee productivity due to lesser distractions, commuting hassles and absence of stressful office environment.
  • You can expect prospective employee base to widen as more people will consider applying for advertised job positions due to the provision of working from home.
  • Your employee attrition rates will see a reduction as employees are able to work in less stressful conditions and can maintain a healthy work-life This is more applicable to those with parental or childcare responsibilities.
  • You stand to have significant financial benefits as there is reduced pressure to organize for office space and infrastructure, food during meetings and other facilities.
  • You can efficiently manage remote teams using modern management tools and that too with relative ease.
  • You will find it more convenient for working with clients anywhere. It is now possible to place employees in geographies whose time zone makes interaction with clients much easier.

In conclusion, we can see that both employer and employee stand to benefit if working from home policy is implemented in the right spirit.

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